Perler Snapshots

Arts and Crafts for the modern kid

What We Did

  • Web Application UX
  • Custom Flex Development
  • Custom E-Commerce Development
  • Content Management System

What We Did

Working with our partner Inflexion Interactive, we developed a custom web application based on flex to handle Perler's special product. Our process extended from a thorough web application UX approach all the way to developing a comprehensive e-commerce solution.

The Challenge

When our friends at Inflexion Interactive started talking to us about the Perler Snapshots project, we were immediately intrigued. The challenge was creating a powerful tool that would let kids and parents customize an arts and crafts project that was designed with an eight year old user in mind.

Our Approach

Working with the client and Inflexion, we learned about the target market and created a simple workflow that makes is easy for a young child to successfully customize his project, but still allows older kids and parents the tools needed to get more creative about their design choices.

Next we created a fully custom Flex application with a Java backend that lets the user upload images or choose from our gallery, pick a size for the project with intelligent queues about the project difficulty, and finally 'Perlerize' the image. When the user is done, they can download a PDF created on the fly, or continue on to the E.K. Success e-commerce site to find a fully filled shopping cart with everything needed to make their custom project a reality.