Penn Power Group

Yes, we happen to power a power group.

What We Did

  • Web Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Management System

What We Did

Develop a new website for a company that had a well developed brand presence in their industry. The website was developed on a customized version of wordpress cms. We also handled a comprehensive look at their content strategy.

The Challenge

When a fifty year old company serving locations across the US needs to change their brand and focus and explain a restructuring, the message is key. RevSystems stepped in to make the online transition for Penn Power Group as simple as possible.

Our Approach

Working with the client, we learned about the target market and developed a content strategy. As the brand had evolved from a single company to a series of companies under a parent company, we created a content strategy that explained clearly to customers, investors and prospects how the operations worked together to create a superior service and sales entity built for the challenges of the future.