Our Craft

What We Do

Our goal is to work with organizations to create new products and application and help to make existing ones better through research, strategy, design and analytics. Using our knowledge of the evolving web and mobile environment, we create digital solutions that are easy to use, simple to maintain and flexible enough to handle future growth. We do this through a simple, low friction process that will get you online fast with an effective solution that delivers measurable results.


Structured, tested and valid code to bring your next project to life.

  • Custom Web Application Development
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • E-Commerce Development
  • WordPress Development / Blog Development

Strategy & Planning

Before we can start to design and build your site we first need to understand your business' or organization's objectives, establish criteria for success and determine how we will track results once the project is complete. We work with you to understand the target audience, business processes and other factors that could affect the direction of the project. We achieve this using the following tools and processes:

  • Project Discovery Sessions
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Statistical Analysis of your Current Site
  • Strategy Recommendations
  • Requirements Documentation

Information Architecture

Once the goals of the project are understood and agreed upon by all stakeholders, we determine the overall architecture of the site. This process allows us to to ensure that the design of the site will match the actual goals of the project and place the correct level of emphasis on elements, ensuring a clean design and user experience that is engaging and delightful. Some of the tools and processes we use to complete information architecture include:

  • User Experience Design
  • Wireframming and Prototyping
  • Persona Research
  • Use Case Documentation


We believe that good web design is not about just making a site look 'pretty', but making the design align with the organizations goals and to solve real word problems. The beauty of the design is a product of necessity to create an engaging end product, not an artistic indulgence. As a result, we do not bring a 'house style' or use pre-defined templates or trends to design work. Instead we aim to create:

  • Brand Integration
  • Website Design and Digital Creative
  • Logo Design

Online Marketing

When your project is live, the hard part begins. Getting the word out about your brand, service or products requires the skills to get above the noise and get in front of users, regardless of where they are.


There is a reason that everybody is talking mobile. Smart phones & tablets are changing the way that your users and customers interact with your content, your applications and your business. Currently, 46% of users are accessing content through a mobile device and that number continues to climb everyday. We will work with you to craft a mobile presence that make sense for you objectives and budget.

  • Mobile Specific Design to fit a target resolution and screen size
  • Responsive Design that adjusts the same content and design to automatically fit the users screen, even when the user changes screens
  • Web apps, built with modern web technologies, that can cut down a full application to just the core features needed by users on the go, keeping it fast and simple
  • Native apps targeting the most popular platforms including iOS and Android.